Welcome to Ricketts Counselling

I am a Registered Marriage & Family Therapist in Ontario where I have been in practice for the past 25 years. My interests are in marriage and relationship counselling, child and adolescent counselling, sex therapy, sexual addiction counselling, custody/access assessments, mediation, arbitration, parenting coordination and working with family violence and treating men in this area.

I have also completed both levels of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (E.M.D.R.) and have used it to successfully treat many people who have experienced trauma from motor vehicle accidents, home invasions, rape, sexual abuse and other traumatic incidents.

I am also involved in training marriage and family therapists who are new to the field. My focus is on providing respectful, empathic and effective counselling to the people with whom I work.

Psychological Supervision is provided, if requested and agreed upon, by Dr. Nathan Cooper, Registered Psychologist.

Paul Ricketts, M.A. Registered Marriage and Family Therapist
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